There are so many things…

Dear Reader,

So many things I want to share. Thoughts race throw my mind and, my Savior keeps telling me to slow down. I tend to fly faster than my angel. This is very exciting to me; to have this venue to share with you. LOL! Franz Listz-“Hungarian Rhapsody” is playing in my ears now. Not exactly the music that inspires calm. Since I am new to this, I apologize that I have no visuals in this letter. As soon as I learn how to use them, I will though.

Like most of the human race, we are constantly juggling and balancing. This space is where I like to realize it is all a walk with my Lord. Everyday we deal with outside influences and I find myself constantly praying for Christ’s Spirit to guide my steps in my responses to others. He is so precious. He is always there for me to lean on.

When I think of my walk with Christ, it is more like a hike. When I became a Christian I was 13. One of the popular songs of the day was, “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”, by Lynn Anderson (I’m dating myself here). I have always looked at the difficult times as being just that. Christ never said that He would make my days full of green pastures, butterflies and roses. They aren’t and neither are yours. We deal with difficulties all the time, and most of them are things that we create or walk into.

I have to laugh at how much like sheep we really are. I recently learned a few things about sheep that I never knew. Such as, sheep will not drink from moving water. “He leads me beside still waters.” Psalm 23:2 b, and if sheep fall and get rolled onto their backs they can die, so it is good to have a shepherd around. I can’t tell you how many times Jesus has picked me up, dusted me off and carried me to safety. Sheep need the Shepherd, because without him, we get in a lot of trouble. So we need to trust in Christ.

One of my rolls is spiritual counselor to my sons. A couple of years ago one of my sons was in trouble with the law, for the second time in two months. I had prayed about him and was holding him up to Christ. When I received the call from my son, that he was at the police station, I told him, “Someone is talking to you and, you had better start listening.” He took that to heart, and has turned around. Yet, when I got off the phone with my son that day, I was convicted. Christ spoke to my heart and I realized that I had doubted Him. I realized that I had trust issues. After all Christ has done for me in my life, I had trust issues. It really shook me. Since then, I have realized it is an everyday thing. I am strong-willed and stubborn, so that makes my walk a hike. God has blessed me with a sense of humor to laugh at myself. Society may look on this as being self-deprecating, I don’t. I see it as a way of keeping me humble. I put my trust in Christ every day. I am thankful and blessed that I have a Savior who loves me and cares for me, and has more patience than I can imagine.

I hope you will join me on this journey. One thing I can say is that it won’t be boring. Look forward to hearing from you, and sharing with you.

In Christ, and all to His glory.