Precious Treasures Left Us

Treasures. It comes down to what you come away with. Not materially.

My sisters and I are going through our parent’s things. Treasures now left to us, since the passing of our mother this past February. God called dad home seven years ago. It has taken us some time to get to this. My oldest sister has needed some time to pull her things together. She was mom’s primary care giver for the past eight years, so she has all of her affairs to gather and get packed. Then there is my second oldest sister and myself. I work a 40 hour week and have a family at home. A fairly active family in one way or another. My second oldest sister works a 70 hour week, goes home to a house full of dogs and tries to get at least 4 hours of sleep a night. Right.

So, anyway, we are going through these wonderful treasures. Treasures from our childhoods. Items we recognized as favored things of either mom or dad. Pieces that date back to grandparents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents. I am simply amazed, and somewhat in awe. Not at the amount of what we have gone through, or what we still have to cover. More, because of the history, and I just never looked at all of this as ever being ours. It was always mom and dad’s, and I guess there is some part of my mind that is finding it hard to accept. We still have all the books to go through. There are a lots of books. All of them precious. This is really tough.

To Mom & Dad- with love and thanks
To Mom & Dad- with love and thanks

I have to say that our parents were awesome. Not perfect, but really awesome. Looking back I can say that I learned so much from them. Were they always good examples? No, but God used them in a mighty way…at least, in my life. They were both strong personalities, and that made a good team for raising three girls from, Indian Reservations to Washington D.C., and eventually to Colorado. Dad was Forestry Department, under the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Mom was a Penn State grad in Physical Education, specializing in modern dance…but, really, she could do anything. She ran the Ranger Station when the fire crews were out on a fire. Manned the ham radio and everything, and managed us girls. Manned…I am really not PC. It wasn’t Army boots she wore…it was logging boots, and she made them look good.

Dad - not mom, but you get the idea
Dad – not mom, but you get the idea

My sisters and I miss them immensely, but our parents left us with a rich and fantastic introduction to lives well lived in Christ. What they introduced into my life was a strength of faith and a desire to learn. That desire became wonderfully alive when I asked Christ to be my personal Savior and King.

Thank you again mom and dad. Thank you dear LORD for giving me such wonderful parents.