Are You Frustrated With The Lack Of Gardening Shows Targeting The Southwest?

TV shows that target the Southwest and all the options for gardening…zip! Zilch! Nada! It is frustrating! Or, maybe I am just being ridiculous. Or, am I.


It has been a long time! I apologize for not being around as I had hoped I would be. I seem to do this apologizing a lot. Sorry, just my nature. And nature is what I will start talking about. Everyone says, “Write about your passion.” Hey, I am a very passionate person, about many things! Finding one, and honing in on it isn’t easy. I can, and will, get behind Nature though. Growing plants, trees flowers and vegetables, in the Southwest. Earth, dirt, rock people unite!


Now, don’t get me wrong. Sorry folks, I am not a tree huger, and I am not a Global Warming fanatic, but if you are, that’s cool! Just realize that I will respectfully not agree with you. We were given this earth, and we are to be good stewards of what we are given. And, that includes making sure that the government is taking proper care of our forests and wildlife, but there is much to be said for the clearing of our forestation and the culling of our herds. And, at this point, that is all I will say on this subject.


I can’t tell you how frustrated I am that we don’t have a TV show featuring Gardening in the Southwest! I have watched many of these shows over the years. Love them! They are all great…if you live back East. I am watching all kinds of some of the most beautiful plants being put in the ground, and knowing it won’t grow here! Azaleas will not grow in Phoenix, people. Yet, the stores will sell them to you. Yes, we have Azaleas sold here year after year. Beautiful plant! My Azalea all died. If there is someone out there who has had success, I would love to hear from you. That is what this is all about!


I have knowledge from trial and error (self-taught), and several credits towards a degree in Horticulture (unfinished). I don’t come to the table with empty hands. I have not only worked on my property, but I have hands-on knowledge of caring for interior plants through a business I was associated with. At one time I had around 50 plants growing in my home. All cuttings from the various plants I was in charge of caring for. I will share my victories and my losses. I love plants and enjoy trying unique ways of growing, within reason. I encourage venturing forth on the impossible. You never know, it may work even for a while. Learning is the key. What works, and what doesn’t.


Let’s face it, my ranting will not get us a show. So, we will be our own show.


My current babies are all interior plants. My day job and lifestyle do not lend me to much of outdoor gardening, right now. However, I will be talking on all kinds of plants. Since we are leaving the wonderful Spring we have had here and heading into the heat of Summer, I hope you have all prep’d your plants and gardens for the onslaught of the ultraviolet rays.

    My Current Babies are all Interior Plants.

I’ll start with the most recent acquisition: a Purple Passion Plant



I bought this plant a month ago at a store. Not a nursery or a DIY store. It had no identification on it, so I had no idea what I had until I got home. Wow! What a treasure and a challenge. Keep it moist, but not too moist, because of root rot. I did transplant it into a pot that is a little too large (it was in a 6″, and should go into an 8″. I put it in a 10″, which was all I had), but it is doing fine in am East window which doesn’t have the blinds open much. This plant wants moderate light, never full sun. When the sun has left the East side of the house, the blinds can be opened to allow more light. I am really pleased with this plant so far. Very pretty. Very nice. Hope it stays around for awhile. I’ll keep you posted. Oh, because of the moisture and I was using old soil, it has those annoying little gnats/flies. If I had some tobacco, I could sprinkle that around on top.


Now, tell me about your plants. What you have? Any difficulties or problems? Let’s talk about them. I’m game if you are. Send me pictures. I love landscapes. Something my mom got me started on. She liked to drive around in neighborhoods and look at the landscaping other people had done in their yards. I still do this today. I applaud you out there! Many beautiful landscaping jobs! Thank you mom, for the gift. Like window shopping, but the only cost is the gas. =)